We help LOWER THE RISK OF ACCIDENTS to People and Horses at horse farms!




  • The most luxurious and expensive horse facilities don’t always guarantee that they are  well-designed, maintained, and/or managed with high safety standards for people and horses.

  • Horse farm owners, experienced or not, may fall into the habit of overlooking some safety flaws in their facilities, not realizing that accidents to people and/or horses are waiting to happen if corrections are not made in time.

  • Although a real estate for horses has an inherent market value at any time, even if being highly prized never compares to the immeasurable value of a person’s health/life in case a preventable accident happens within the premises. Thus, horse farm owners are responsible for having safe facilities for workers and visitors. 

  • In terms of market value, some very special horses are worth more than the real estate they are kept at. Actually, many horse owners pay high health/mortality insurance premiums to cover horse losses. But, are the facilities appropriate to keep those expensive horses safe?

  • Many horse owners are so emotionally attached to their beloved equines that the sentimental value far exceeds the horse’s market value. However, in case a horse accident occurs in the facilities, besides the owner’s heartbreak and the horse’s suffering, there is always a high financial expense/loss involved. 



You own a horse farm ?

 Since “Prevention is the best Protection”, having us conduct a professional safety evaluation of your horse farm is a gainful investment for both your peace of mind and preventing expensive accidents. Thus, a safer horse farm is a win-win deal for you.


Planning to sell a farm ?

 Making sure your horse farm is safe before offering it for sale is a great marketing strategy so that potential buyers and their real estate agents will be less likely to find safety shortcomings. Bear in mind that if safety flaws are found in the property during the showing or negotiation stages, those could usually deter both buyers’ interest to purchase and real estate agents to keep showing the property. That may cause a longer marketing period and, consequently, may force the seller to reduce the price. 


Buying a horse farm ?

 When buying a horse farm, this evaluation is a must in order to verify that those facilities are going to be safe for you, your family, and other people, and for your beloved horses.  


Disclaimer: The safety evaluation, final report, and any suggested corrections are informative only. It is the responsibility of the farm owner to properly apply them to improve the property’s safety standards for people and horses, as it is the farm owner’s responsibility to maintain safe facilities. Although a professional, thorough evaluation of potentially safety issues will be conducted at the farm by SAFER HORSE FARMS’ inspector(s) at the level requested (Bronze, Silver or Gold), THERE IS NO GUARANTEE  that all possible safety flaws will be detected and reported.

SAFETY... Our contribution to the equine industry!